windhager BioWIN 2

The BioWIN 2 range are the smallest, highly efficient and durable biomass pellet boilers on the market and provides comfortable heating to all homes.

Requiring less than 1.5 metres of space, with minimum clearance included, the BioWIN 2 is the only pellet boiler that can fit into small, restricted areas and be installed flush to the wall requiring no service clearances to the rear, left or right of the appliance.

This state-of-the-art and extremely innovative pellet boiler provides homeowners with long- term, hassle-free and optimum efficiency levels of operation.

Fully equipped with a high quality stainless steel burner, LowDust technology and unique self- cleaning function, the BioWIN 2 ensures a cleaner environment, a cleaner burn and low maintenance required.


windhager LogWIN

LogWIN gasification log boilers provide an exceptionally economic method of supplying heating and hot water from sustainable fuel source.

  • Batch burn gasification log boiler – built to last.
  • Large stainless steel combustion chamber ensuring long intervals between refuelling.
  • Modulating operation sustains the highest levels of combustion efficiencies 226 litre combustion chamber for split logs of up to 500mm in length.

windhager FireWIN

With its contemporary design the FireWIN wood pellet boiler is an attractive feature providing full automation for heating and hot water.

  • Wood pellet boiler and stove in a single unit.
  • Fully automated pellet feeding from a bulk store or hand feed options.
  • Patented heat shield to reduce radiated heat in the summer months.
  • Available as a system boiler with all hydraulic and safety components integral to the appliance.

windhager BioWIN Excel

BioWIN Excel a high output, high efficiency wood pellet boiler with a small footprint. The compact design of the BioWIN Excel means it can be installed in the smallest boiler rooms.

Once in operation the BioWIN Excel is fully automated so that you can “Switch on and forget”.

  • Fully automated wood pellet feed system, heat exchanger cleaning and integrated ash container.
  • Stainless steel combustion burner bowl with patented cleaning mechanism.
  • Unique development from many years of Windhager experience in the development and manufacturing of wood pellet boilers.
  • Ideal for properties with high heat demands and commercial applications.

Froling PE1 Pellet boiler

Occupying just 0.38 m² of space, the PE1 Pellet boiler sets new standards. The new PE1 Pellet stands out for its quiet operation and ease of use, combined with low emissions and very low energy consumption.

The compact solution for the boiler room

A unique disign: the new PE1 Pellet is also available with optional DHW tank unit for hot water preparation and a hydraulic unit with heating circuit pumps, heating circuit mixer and DHW tank loading pumps. These two modules can be retrofitted at any time making the PE1 Pellet the compact all-round solution for the boiler room.


Froling T4

The new T4 from Froling meets all your needs. This boiler can efficiently burn both wood chips and pellets due to its well designed fully automatic system.

Froling also offers a wide range of fuel feeder systems for virtually all requirements.

Optimum energy consumption is ensured by the detailed system engineering. This means the Froling T4 can offer reliable, user-friendly heating.

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